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My Johto team

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My Johto team

Post by RYU888 on Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:55 pm

Johto is my favorite region so i made a team with only Johto pokemon.This a wifi team since i don't use po.This is the first time i do a full rmt so sorry if the description isn't that great.

6hp,252def,252 spec def
hp ground
ice beam
calm mind

Suicune is able to take hits from both sides fairly well. Thanks to calm mind it does a better job of taking special attacks and is able deal decent damage. It's also there to take fire attacks for scizor and foretress.

Raikou(BLITZ)@ choice specs
6hp,252 spa,252 speed
hp grass
signal beam

It's baisically just my special sweeper.Hp grass it there mainly for swampert.Signal beam is takes care of hydriegon. Thunder is it's main move with it getting stab and 100% accuracy thatnks to politoed's drizzle.

Blissey(TROUBLE)@left overs
natural cure/bold
200 hp,252 def,58 spec def
seismic toss

It's just a regular blissey set. The def ev's are there so that it won't be instanly koed by physical moves of course it should still stick clear of fighting types. seismic toss probably does more damage than it could do with other offensive moves. softboiled is pretty obvious. aromatheraphy cures the party of status.thunder wave helps setup my opponent's pokemon for the rest of the team.

Foretress(IRONBALL)@ red card
252 hp,252def,6 attk
rapid spin

Foretress is one of my possible leads depending on the situation.It's there to take physical attacks.Spikes helps it to deal entry damage to opponents as well as posibly break focus sashes(which i hate with a passion). Rapid spin help get rid of entry hazards to facilitate switching.It's other 2 moves are kind of there to be used depending on the situation.I constantly change pokemon so skarmory will take it's place sometimes.

Scizzor(SLASH)@ lum berry
6hp,252 attk,252 def
brick break
swords dance
bullet punch

I guess scizor is kind of obvious. Swords dance and bullet punch away. Brick break should give it neutral damage to anything that resist bullet.Roost helps it to last longer. I didn't give it any speed evs since it's not that fast even at max speed and i don't want to give it a choice scarf.

Politoed(HERMIT)@ life orb
252 hp,252 spa,6 def
mud bomb
ice beam
hydro pump

Honestly it mainly here to setup drizzle which helps scizor and foretress with their weakness to fire,raikou with it's thunder,and suicune with it's surf. It's another possible lead depending on the situation. Scald is there to possibly give a burn and because it's more accurate than hydropump. Hydropump is there for when more power than scald can provide is needed.Ice beam helps with dragons and grass types and mud bomb helps with electric types.

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Re: My Johto team

Post by Lynjabear on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:13 pm

By johto, I'm assuming that everything is gen 5, which is probably safe because of politoed's ability.

Is suicune the lead? if it is, I'm not sure how well it would do in today's "metagame." Possibly the most common lead out there is taunt thunderus, which can nail you with a STAB thunderbolt or prevent you from setting up with taunt. Also, this carries no taunt or entry hazzard or its own, so other leads will simply set up and then phaze away. Why hp ground? hp grass or elec would help deal with other bulky waters, such as jellicent. Suicune also doesn't have any recovery other than leftovers, meaning that it will be feeling the hp loss quickly despite his defense investment, especially from stat-up sweepers. Suicune is slow at setting up, meaning that he can be used as setup fodder for opposing sweepers.

I don't have many issues with the raikou, but it could be given volt absorb instead of pressure because it isn't exactly defensive and won't be stalling out pp. Also, this helps with the 2 electric weaknesses on a rain team. Unless you are absolutely sure to send out politoed before raikou (as battle situations often call for pokemon coming out in an odd order) such as making politoed the lead and turning this into a more based rain team, thunderbolt is better than thunder. I'd say give raikou hp ice for boltbeam because of swampert's relative uncommoness, but if you really want to keep hp grass on, (which will also help against quagsire and doon) the lost coverage with no hp ice can be made up by using weather ball, instead of shadow ball, which appears to be filler on this set anyways. If signal beam is for hydregion, then aura sphere is a stronger option that can also hit chansey, regice, and snorlax super-effectively.

For the blissey, you don't really have any pokemon that appreciate thunderwaave support except for politoed. Scizor bypasses with bullet punch, It is actually negative to forteress, who has his gyro ball weakened, Suicune doesn't need speed, and raikou probably outspeeds the opponent anyways. toxic could help blissey damage the opponent more. Blissey will survive basically any special hit that can be thrown at it, so you might as well stick the rest of the EVs into hp as well. Also, because you aren't making use of blissey's greater special attack or hp stat with flamethrower or wish respectively, chansey is actually the better option in your situation.

The foretress is fine but I would also add stealth rock or toxic spikes to it, as you have no SR user and toxic spikes would work well as general team support. (especially for blissey). Earthquake should be taken out, as it doesn't even KO magnezone until forry gets 112 attack EVs and some spikes down. With no EVs in attack (or essentially none) I'm also pretty sure that it barely misses the KO on heatran as well.

The Scizor I like, as I like all scizors. I actually think that either brick break or roost should go in favor of bug bite, because of reuniclus, which gives your entire team grief. In fact, not a member of your team can 1v1 it. Also, it allows you to handle hippowdown, which rids your team of the rain with a 2hko. Superpower will help you KO skarmory, but has some stat drops. Also, it gets both heatran and magnezone for a 0hko on a switch. The EVs should either go into speed or help with hp. Speed so that it can outspeed setup versions of magnezone and heatran.

Admittedly, I have issues with the politoed. Firstoff, I'd get rid of mud bomb. it has a measly 65 base power, and terrible accuracy for a move that weak. Even a hidden power would be better! Because electric pokemon would take more damage from a STAB + rain scald/hydro pump, you may as well stick something such as hp grass or focus blast in. Scald should be taken out because this is an offensive politoed, and the power drop is not appreciated. You can stick on a choice scarf or specs, the more common way, as though a life orb allows switching moves, it sacrifices politoed's bulk and politoed's too slow to pull it off.

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Re: My Johto team

Post by RYU888 on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:44 pm

Thanks for the input epic. I don't know if you read that is a wifi team or not. Since this a wifi team i can't use all of your suggestions like with raikou since it's a normal
raikou from gen 4 so it doesn't have aura sphere or volt absorb. In the description it mentions foretress and politoed as possible leads it all depends on what my opponent has since you can see each other's parties before a battle in gen 5. I think i will get rid of blissey's thunderwave for toxic. Politoed i don't really care about since it's main purpose is to make it rain after it's done that i don't really care what happens to it.

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Re: My Johto team

Post by Sponsored content

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