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John's Journey's: Chapters one and two

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John's Journey's: Chapters one and two

Post by Goku on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:50 pm

One day on an island far off the coast of the hoenn region, a place some people called Elemental Island, a place no human ever dared desturbed, lived a bunch of eevees and their evolutions, undesturbed, untill one day.....

Chapter 1: Seperated From Home.

It was a normal day, everyone playing games, having a good time knowing they were free. But at exactly 11:59am everything changed. A huge earthquake raged, seperating large and small parts of the island. "Huh!? What's happening!?" An eevee said desperatly hanging onto the ground with his claws unseethed. "John!" A umbreon said jumping next to the eevee "we gotta g-" he was cut short of his sentence from the part they were on spliting into 2 and knowing the umbreon out. "Tomas!" John said desperatly hoping he would get up. The two pieces drifted off and for a long time John wondered where he was going and how would he survive, because he was hungry and he knew better than to drink from the sea. About 2 days later he arrived at a larger area. A beach near a forest. "Where am I...?" He said not reconising anything around him. He walked towards the forest and took a deep breath knowing something was unusual about this area.

Chapter 2: A Mysterious forest and a some life-long friends.

Entering the forest John keeps wary, looking around as he walks. "Something isn't right here....." he thought as he continued. Out of nowhere a zangoose jumped out trying to claw John in the face "Woa!!" He said and he jumped back avoiding the hit. "Heh. Nice moves. But I am gonna kill you, your shiny pelt would fetch me a big price in the market!" He said as he pulled out a big sword. Scared John backed away "S-Someone help!!" He shouted hoping a nearby passerby would hear. "Good luck with that shout kid. It ain't helping ya!" The zangoose said and he swung his blade aimed for his head "WAH!" He said and he closed his eyes prepaired to be cut in half... but something was wrong. He hadn't been hit! "GRR Quick Eevee run!!" John heard someone shout and he opened his eyes. He saw a Gabite holding the blade back with a scale-covered arm. "No! He'll kill you! Don't worry ill try something!" He said as a aura sphere shot from beside him "wha!?" He said as a reaction. "Huh!?" The zangoose said as he got bashed upside the head with the attack and his sword was knocked into the air landing right beside him as he fell. The gabite stared at John a moment and said "How did you...?". "I never did that before...." he replied. "Heh. I was the one who did that" someone said as the speaker, a Riolu, jumped down from a tree and landed next to them. "...who are u guys anyways?" John said. "My names John.". "My names Auron." Said the Riolu. "I'm Drace" said the Gabite. "Nice to meet ya! The both of you really saved me back there." He said looking abit embarrased. "Don't worry about it. Its kinda hard living here." Said Auron. "Come on, you 2 can come stay over at my den tonight. Noone bothers me because the place is surpossedly 'haunted'. As if!" Drace said and they all shared a laugh. They followed him to his den. Since it was already night time they went to sleep in diffrent areas of the den. {...why do I have a feeling things aren't over...?.... ohwell.... a good nights sleep should stop me from believing this....} John thought as he drifted into slumber.

~To be continued!~

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Re: John's Journey's: Chapters one and two

Post by Aaron on Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:12 pm



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