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Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

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Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

Post by buckthefuffalo on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:58 pm

Hello, and welcome to Part 3 of my Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! In the last part we ventured through the Viridian Forest and beat our rival, PINGAS (again), and caught four other Pokemon along the way. In this part we will go through the horrifying Pewter City Gym, and challenge the leader, Brock! Will one of my beloved allies fall? Will I get unlucky and white out altogether? Read on to find out!

I arrive in Pewter City and head straight for the gym, considering there's not really much else to do at this time. This will be my first Gym battle of my first Nuzlocke run, so hopefully I won't be too careless.

I walk in to find what I am assuming is a bouncer at the front of the gym.



YES! Very Happy


.....Fuck you Game Freak.

And there's the first trainer of the gym. He has a Geodude and a Sandshrew. Rather unremarkable really, I just Low Kicked with Mankey and then used Pidgey, so I decided to not show this battle.

Now, onto the main event!




I will ROCK you Brock! Who knew terrible puns could be contagious?

I leveled up Mankey quite a bit before coming here so I could use Low Kick effectively.

Pretty decent damage.

Meh, it probably won't make a huge difference.

I go for the Low Kick again, still doing a decent chunk even after +1 defense. He Defense Curls AGAIN.

Even +2 defense isn't enough to stop BIWINNING!

How convenient. Thumbs Up

I decide not to switch out considering Onix weighs a shit-ton, and while Karate Chop is nice, Low Kick is obviously going to do more damage. He gets a Tackle off before I Low Kick oddly enough.

THANK GOD I WASN'T HIT BY THAT TACKLE. Even Game Freak isn't safe from Game Freak's trolling! I love how I always get useless hax. Also, inb4 all my Pokemon die to crits.

I obviously kill with the next Low Kick, earning me victory!

Excuses, excuses. Well, at least he isn't PINGAS. :shakefist


I exit the Gym and stop at the entrance to another area on the eastern side of the city, which means, yes! Another party member!

And that's all for Part Three! In the next part we will head off to that next route, and maybe even explore Mt. Moon a little! I rather had fun with this one considering it was a boss battle and wasn't so bad to make a post for. A good part overall I think.

Anyway, got any notes of things I missed, ideas, critique, or just feel like commenting? Post them here! I look forward to the feedback I receive from you guys, and it really motivates me to make more parts and put a lot of effort into them. So for Arceus' sake, comment!

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Re: Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

Post by Luck on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:06 pm

Looks like Brock *puts on sunglasses* doesn't rock as much as his pokemon.YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHNOOOOOO.;_; Bad joke is bad.
Btw the next route is gonna be hell unless you take it slow XD
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Re: Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

Post by Awakening on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:16 pm

I assumed that Brock would try a little...harder, but glad no one died. :'D



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Re: Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

Post by Evan on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:53 pm

Was that unitentional? The pun?


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Re: Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke Let's Play! Part 3: Pewter Gym

Post by Sponsored content

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