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The Rising Star

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The Rising Star

Post by Evan on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:19 am

I decided the forum needs some activity. So, this is my effort in not being counter-productive.

It's a cold winter's day in Paris, France. All the shops have closed, and the sun sets over an ice covered river. But this isn't how Margout Bell took it. For her, it was just another day. Just another day, hellbent on keeping her down in the slums, keeping her away from where she should be. Among the society of mages, she had been revered like a goddess. At a meer 14, she had truly captured the essence of natural witchcraft; she could bend elements at command. Until she peaked, but was upstaged. By someone she didn't even know. Someone who couldn't even fathom what they would use her for.

The 8 year-old Leigh Harvestor had been risen on a farm. Only when she became truly depressed did the council notice her. It seemed as though she could effect the biome around her, with her emotions. Near her 8th birthday, her mother became deathly ill. Being ever so aware of her mother's passing, Leigh went into a depression. Her father, unable to cheer her up, quickly became depressed as well. The crops started weeping, as if sharing the same sorrow. By then, the council had noticed her. Of course, to them she was a tool for war. Something completely trivial as a comb. After all, with the Magistrates and Rookeries being at constant war, one Council had to find her.

Margout's Council did. The Magistrates, whos presence was now formidible among the society, had a strong order, devoted to using 'divine principles' to guide people in the right direction. However, there was always contraversy on whether their actions were focused on civic virtue, or for the order. After all, constantly being in war wasn't exactly a sign of unity.

However, the Rookeries actions were no better. Constantly fighting to maintain a presence in the magical society, the Rookeries were constantly fighting for the underdog, and were usually accoiated with criminals, even though their actions usually had positive effects on society. Their reputation outstood them, however, and the title "Rookerie" is usually uttered in malice and contempt for those who misunderstood them; for those who didn't really know about the political sheen of society.

But Margouts upheaval in the Magistrates had been 3 years ago. Young Leigh was now hardened, and was now learning how to truly control her powers. Margout, envious of the girls coherant skill and adaptability, had fallen to the slums after being thrown out like last weeks garbage. After living in the slums, she's changed. She doesn't take anything for granted, and she can only do one true thing: Redeem herself.


The chapters will switch off between Leigh and Margout, and how their lives react and connect. The first chapter will follow Margout.


Margout wakes up behind a dumpster in the back allies behind the shops. Ever since she had been dethroned, this is how she had lived. Like an insolent worm, begging on the streets for petty cash, only to end up spending what little she had earned in a small bakery. She had used to be friends with the little girl who's father had owned the shop. Before she was abducted. Before those demon spawn took her from her family, shattered her life, and burned the only remnants.

Killing her family, the Magistrates promptly took her to their dormitory, deep in the catacombs under Paris. Though hideously dark, the children would mine a mineral that would eminate a green glow. This luminescent ore was used all thoughout the 'school' as sorts of torches. Whether stuck along the walls, or in a pupils hand, the children were, in essence, slaves. But they were driven slaves. Driven to learn the properties of magic, the very fibers of the atmosphere around them. They used this drive to complete their daily regimen of mining, learning (or teaching for some of the more advanced students), showering and sleeping. Sometimes they were given an hour to be used (and abused) for their own devices. Sometimes not.

Students constantly learned of the history of magic, spells that would aid them one level ground, and ones that would sent their opposition flying against the rear wall. Spells that would take the liquids out of the air, and concentrate them into one polluted mass to hurl at the opponent. But magic wasn't the only class. There was also history, to teach the individual students strategy, and how past conquests worked, how they worked. Geography was also taught, and used as a device for tactics. For instance, if one could use magic to propel themselves off the ground, and bounce off a wall, they could potentially be behind the opposition in a matter of milliseconds.

Combat was also taught. Whether it be with knives, broadswords, bows, sledges, hammers, axes, or even a piece of rock, each student needed to be taught kill points and deft manuevers to outclass though foe. Though artillery was available, the wizards held a sense of honor with their games (ironically). Though pitting children and young adults against each other, adding firearms into the equation would clearly break the evident balance in the system. However, Margout would take to all of her classes. Quite well, actually.

But at first, she had lived like a shell. Eyes hollow and useless, she couldn't study. Her classes became increasingly degrading until her teachers began to use her as a test subject. At the mere age of eleven, Margout was taught the lesson that rivalry is a knife. A knife so sharp it tears the the very fabric of being as if it were mere cotton. And the wielders of that knife; well they were all bastards, hellbent on abducting gifted children to fight in their games. That was all she was. A mere pawn in the chess game of life. After all, it was here first year. People had been here for 7, 8, and for some, a decade, training to fight the Rookeries. Training to defeat the opposition. Training to be cold blooded, reptilian monsters. The irony was, some of them weren't even at the age of 11. But thats what greed does. It meshes and welds together, forming a formidble wall. But what meshes? What connects everyone together?



and Sweat.

Last edited by Evan on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:54 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Additions to the story.)


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Re: The Rising Star

Post by Safiliwen on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:20 pm

Well fuck my mind was just blown XD I also enjoy my writing so I thought I'd drop by and say great effort my boy XD Keep it up dude

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Re: The Rising Star

Post by nightmareforums on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:56 am

Yeh. Nice stuff.
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Re: The Rising Star

Post by Sponsored content

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