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Hawk's Pokemon Adventures in the Sinnoh Region Chapters

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Hawk's Pokemon Adventures in the Sinnoh Region Chapters

Post by Infernhawk on Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:12 pm

Chapter 1: The Begining

It was late at night while two boys Hawk and Chris were watching the Pokemon Leauge. It was the final round wich decided who would get a chance to face the Elite 4. Jovanny Noriega and a mysterious trainer named Tabius were facing off. Hawk and Chris watched the amazing battle while eating popcorn, unaware that there mother knew they were awake.

The battle was almost done. Tabius had knocked out 5 of Jovanny's Pokemon using his Darkrai. Jovanny then sent out his last Pokemon.

Jovanny: Go Empoleon! Use Hydro Cannon and give it all you got!

Jovanny screamed out loud as his Empoleon fired a huge blast of water at the Darkrai. Darkrai just simply moved out of the way and Empoleon's attack missed.

Tabius: Just end it already Darkrai, use Night Shade.

Darkrai used Night Shade and sent a huge Dark wave smacking into the Empoleon. Empoleon fell to the gorund. He had fainted in 1 shot. Jovanny returned his Empoleon to its Pokeball and left the arena. Fans screamed out loud as Tabius had won the Sinnoh Leauge. He moved on to the Elite 4 winning the entire thing.

Tabius had become Sinnoh's new Champion. This pushed the former Champion Cynthia down to the last Elite 4, and also knocked the 1st Elite 4, Aaron, out. The Elite 4 had now become harder than ever.

Hawk and Chris became worried about losing to the Elite 4. Tommorow they would start there Pokemon journey together. They were already thinking of wich starter to pick; Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. It was a hard decision, and it kept them thinking.

Suddenley, they heard footsteps. It was there mom. They both hopped into the bunkbed but forgot to shut the tv off. The tv was all loud with Poke Ball Z on. Mom opened the door and started screaming. It was almost Midnight.


Hawk: Does that mean your a Buizel?


Hawk and Chris: No please we'll go to bed!


Their mom slammed the door and went downstairs. The 2 went to bed. The next morning they woke up just in time. They ate breakfast, didn't say goodbye to there mom, and went outside. They ran towards Sandgem Town but noticed grass full of wild Pokemon in there way.

Chris: How are we supposed to get to Sandgem Town with this grass in our way?

Hawk: I have no idea.

Chris: How bout we run through it? 1.... 2... 3....GO!

As the 2 went to step into the grass, somebody yelled from behind, "STOP!" It was Proffesor Rowan. He was the one who gave out the starter Pokemon.

Chris: Hey this same thing happened in Pokemon Platinum.

Hawk: What the Floatzel!

Rowan: Ahem....

H and C: Oh sorry.

Rowan: You 2 are foolish, stepping into the grass without a Pokemon. You 2 would probably not know how to take care of a Pokemon.

Hawk: Hell no we love Pokemon!

Chris: Yeah.

Rowan: Well I suppose I could let you 2 have one each.

H and C: Yes, PLEASE!

???: Yo Proffesor are you really gonna give up these rare Pokemon to these 2 fools?

Hawk and Chris noticed a fat kid standing behind Rowan.

Rowan: Yes, be patient you can have one too Bobby Jackson.

Suddenley Bobby Jackson got mad and he took 1 of the Pokemon and ran with his pants down to his knees.

Rowan: He took my Turtwig, so it seems you 2 will have to pick between Chimchar and Piplup.

Hawk: Could I get Chimchar bro?

Chris: Yeah sure (hes at a type disatvantage, Retard)

Hawk picked the Chimchar while Chris picked the Piplup. They had finally gotten their first Pokemon and were ready to start there journey.

Rowan: Meet me in my lab you 2, I have a request for you guys.

The Professor walked back to his lab in Sandgem Town.

Chris: Hey lets battle to see who can handle Pokemon better.

Hawk: Sure thing

Chapter End....

Chapter 2: A Brotherly Battle

Hawk and Chris were about to have there first battle, against eachother! It would be a great battle between 2 brothers.

Hawk: Here we go.


Then the 2 began to send out their starter Pokemon.

Hawk: Go Chimchar!

Chris: Lets go Piplup!

A Fire like monkey came out of Hawk's Pokeball, while a Water like penguin came out of Chris's ball. They soon learned that these Pokemon only had normal type attacks at lvl 5.

Chris: What the Floatzel!

Hawk: Dude, thats getting old now, why can't the Author come up with anything new.

Author: Screw you! Just battle already.

Hawk: Well your the one writing this so write down our battle -_- .

Author: ...

Hawk: Ok Chimchar start off with Scratch!

Chimchar ran up to Piplup and scratched him all up.

Chris: Piplup use Tackle!

Piplup ran up to Chimchar and smashed into him!

Hawk: Scratch again!

Piplup was getting scratches all over its body. Chimchar had sharp claws.

Chris: Piplup use Growl!

Piplup made a growling noise. Beams of light flowed down around Chimchar. Chimchar had become weaker and now its attacks would do less damage.

Hawk: Scratch one more time!

Chimchar used all its power and got a critical hit knocking out Piplup. Hawk had won the battle!

Hawk: Yay!

Chris: Don't worry Piplup you did good.

Chris returned his Piplup.

Hawk: Awesome job Chimchar!

Hawk returned his Chimchar.

Hawk: Great battle bro

Chris: Yeah I guess. Hey I stocked up on some revives and Super Potions. Lets heal our Pokemon.

So Hawk and Chris used the medicine to restore both there Pokemon to full HP.

Hawk: Hey were supposed to go see Profesor Rowan now, lets go!

Chris: Race you there!

The two brothers ran to Profesor Rowans lab, when suddenley Hawk stepped on something that pecked at its foot.

Hawk: OW!

Chris: Hey its a wild Starly!

The bird-like Pokemon seemed angry and began to attack.

Hawk: Go Chimchar! Jump on that thing and use Scratch!

It scratched the Starly up who decided to fly away.

Hawk: Man I wish we had Pokeballs to catch some Pokemon.

Chris: Maybe we can ask Profesor Rowan for some.

Hawk: Yeah lets go!

So Hawk and Chris continued down the path. They battled wild Pokemon along the way. They found Starlys, Budews, Bidoofs, Kricketots, Heracross, and more. Finally they arrived in Sandgem Town. It was a nice little Town with a beach nearby, a store, a Pokemon healing center, and a few nice houses. They could see the Profesor's Lab. Now they would find out what Profesor Rowan wanted them too do.

Chapter End....

Chapter 3: Shiny Pokemon

Hawk and Chris entered Profesor Rowan's Lab.

Rowan: Who the Psyduck are you two?

Hawk and Chris: ............ (Seriously Author?)

Author: I read that!

Hawk and Chris:!

Rowan: Oh now I remember, you two are Bobby Jackson and that hobo kid, GTFO!

Hawk: Hell no!

Chris: I'm Chris and thats my brother, Hawk.

Rowan: Oh sorry Spongebob and Patrick.

Hawk and Chris: ...........

Rowan: Anyways, I have something to give you two.

Rowan grabbed something off his desk.

Rowan: This is a Pokedex. It records data on any Pokemon you see or catch, and can be really usefull. Try to see if you can fill it up with data from every Pokemon in Sinnoh!

Hawk and Chris recieved the Pokedexes!

Rowan: If your gonna catch Pokemon, your gonna need my balls!

Hawk: No thanks we have our own.

Chris: yea........

Rowan: NO! Not that kind, Pokeballs!

Chimchar and Piplup: Char!!!! Piplup!!!! (screw you!)

Rowan: Use those to try to catch all the Pokemon.

Hawk and Chris recieved the Pokeballs.

Hawk and Chris: Bye!

They left the lab.

Rowan: Bye noobs!

So Hawk and Chris started discussing where they could try to catch Pokemon first.

Hawk: Lets go to the next route.

Chris: How about the previous.

Hawk: Nah.

Chris: Hey lets go to Lake Verity!

Hawk: Why?

Chris: I heard a legendary Pokemon lives in that lake!

Hawk: Then what the Golduck are you waiting for? LETS GO!

So Hawk and Chris walked all the way to Lake Verity. Chris caught a Kricketot along the way. Soon the got near the lake. Then.....


Chris: OW!

Bobby Jackson: Yo what the f*ck are you doing bumping into me you stupid female Growlithe!

Chris: NO! You bumped into me!

Hobo Kid and Hawk: ...............

Bobby Jackson: Thats it your screwed in a Pokemon battle!

Chris: Bring it on you big fat Snorlax

Bobby Jackson: Yo Turtwig kick there @$$!

Chris: Go Piplup!

Turtwig came out with a strange glitter aorund it wich Piplup did not have.

Hawk: Hold on a sec I never saw a Turtwig that color before! What the Flareon!

BJ: Its called a Shiny Pokemon dumb@$$


BJ: This is the one I stole form Rowan. I've made plans to rob it before but failed.

Chris: Thats because you suck.

BJ: Oh thats right I forgot I was supposed to kick this kids @$$.

Chris: ... Piplup use Tackle!

Turtwig took the hit with ease.

BJ: Show that thing your Razor Leaf attack!

Turtwig shot several sharp leaves at Piplup. Piplup fell to the ground and fainted in 1 single shot.

Chris: Oh no! My Piplup!

BJ: Weakling!


A little kricket Pokemon came out of the Pokemon. It looked tiny and weak.

Chris: Now use Bug Opposistion!

It was super effective too Turtwig, but it took the hit like it was nothing.

BJ: Use Bite.....

It bit the poor Kricketot real hard. Kricketot fainted. Chris had lost the match.


Bobby Jackson and the little Hobo Kid started beating on Chris.


Bobby Jackson: I don't got the time, lets go Hobo.

Hobo Kid: Right!

Bobby Jackson and the Hobo Kid left Lake Verity.

Chris: Jerks.

Hawk helped Chris back up.

Chris: How did I lose.

Hawk: Hes just real strong. We have to train if were ever going to beat him, and his strong Shiny Turtwig.

Chris: Lets just go back to Sandgem Town.

Hawk: Ok.

Chapter End...

Chapter 4: A Day At The Beach!

After a miserable failure against Bobby Jackson, Hawk and Chris walked back to Sangem Town. Suddenley Hawk spotted the same exact Starly he had stepped on when he first got his Chimchar.

Hawk: I'm gonna catch it now!

Chris: Good luck, thats one mean bird.

Hawk: Chimchar I choose you! Sneak up on it and use Ember!

Chimchar snuck around behind Starly and shot small bits of Fire at Starly's @$$. Starly flipped out. It turned around and the battle began. The wild Starly charged at Chimchar and Tackled it. Chimchar got back up.

Hawk: Now use Scratch!

Chimchar scratched Starly all up who fell to the ground in pain.


Hawk threw a Pokeball at Starly wich hit it and trapped it inside. The ball started to wobble.

Chris: Its trying to escape hold it down!

Hawk held the Pokeball tightly shut. then a light flashed on the center of the Pokeball. Starly had been caught!

Hawk: YAY! I caught a Starly!

Chris: Nice job.

The two headed back to Sangem Town. They walked into the Pokemon healing center.

???: Hello there, I'm Nurse Joy, and this is my partner Chansey.

Chansey: Chansey Chan!

Nurse Joy: I'll take your Pokemon and heal them.

Nurse Joy took Chimchar, Starly, Piplup, and Kricketot and put them into a machine. They were all restored back to full health. She gave the Pokemon back to Hawk and Chris.

Chris: Hey Hawk, wanna spend the day at the beach?

Hawk: HELL YEAH! Lets go!

So they packed up and headed towards the beach. The beach was packed, but they managed to find a spot. They sent out there Pokemon and let them play. Piplup swam in the water, Chimchar and Kricketot made sand castles, and Starly flew and robbed food with the Wingulls. Everyone was having a great time.

Chris: The Pokemon are really enjoying it here

Hawk: They sure are. XD Look Starly just stole that Mcdonalds Torchic Mknugget!

Chris: Lol thats funny.

Suddenley Bobby Jackson and the Hobo Kid entered the beach.

Guy: OMG! A Wailord washed up on shore!

Lady: Look at that hobo.....

BJ and Hobo Kid: SHUTUP!

Bobby Jackson and the Hobo Kid left the beach.

Hawk and Chris: ...........

Suddenley a Corphish and a Krabby walked up to Hawk and Chris. Corphish pinched Chris's foot while Krabby pinched Hawk's foot.

Hawk and Chris: OW!

Hawk: Damn you Krabby, your mine! Come on over here Starly!

Starly flew over to Hawk with choclate all over its face.

Hawk: Starly use Quick Attack on that Krabby!

Starly flew mad fast and rammed into Krabby. Krabby fell over and couldn't get back up.

Hawk: Pokeball, GO!

The Pokeball trapped Krabby inside. It wobbled a little but stopped. Krabby was caught!

Hawk: Yay two Pokemon in one day!

Starly went back with the Wingulls.

Chris: Hey you caught Krabby! I caught that Corpish.

Hawk: Nice!

Chris: You to

Hawk: I'm gonna go swimming for a little.

Chris: Ok have fun.

Hawk swam in the Water. He played with some kid about his age who wasn't a trainer.

Kid: So whats it like training Pokemon?

Hawk: Its fun and exiting.

Kid: Cool!

Hawk: Ew I just got salt water in my mouth!


Hawk: Thats nasty water.

Kid: So whats your name?

Hawk: I'm Hawk whats yours?

Kid: I'm Tony.

Hawk: Nice to meet you.

Kid: Same here.

Suddenley Starly started screaming and flipping out. Hawk looked over just a little distance away, and saw a Sharpedo heading straight for everyone. Tony started swimming to shore as fast as he could.


People starting screaming. Millions of people started leaving. Everyone in the water started swimming towards shore and leaving the beach. Chris gathered up all the Pokemon playing and returned his Piplup from the water.


Hawk: Oh Mudkip shit!

The Sharpedo jumped Hawk and dragged him underwater.

Chapter End

Chapter 5: Testing Out The Pokemon That Saved My Life

Sharpedo was drawing Hawk further and further underwater. Hawk could not escape this shark Pokemon.

Hawk: (this can't be happening to me....)

Meanwhile back on the shore, Chris was panicking. His brother had been dragged underwater by a freaking Sharpedo.

Chris: I'm just dreaming right am I just dreaming?

Suddenley Krabby emerged from its Pokeball. It could tell its new trainer was in trouble. Krabby dashed into the water as fast as he could. A light was shining up form the bottom.

Chris: Could Krabby be.... wait no way.........

As Sharpedo was about to bite Hawk's arm off, Hawk opened his eyes to see a Kingler run mad fast into Sharpedo letting Hawk free. Hawk swam to the surface and focused on catching his breath. Then he realised his Krabby evolved into Kingler to save him.

Hawk: Oh I wonder how Kingler is doing down there.

Suddenley half a dead Sharpedo burst from underwater. Kingler had used its sharp claws to cut Sharpedo in half.


The two brothers ran to eachother and met at the edge of the shore. Hawk explained what Kingler did.

Chris: I knew Krabby evolved!

Then Kingler came back from under the water.


Kingler: King King!

Hawk: Krabby evolves at lvl 28, so you must have had alot of pre experience. You were easy to catch because you wanted to join me form the start?

Kingler nodded its head.

Hawk: Well your going to be a great addition to my team! Hey I know lets battle again Chris. I gotta test out Kingler. First I'll start out with Starly though.

Chris: Ok, go Piplup!

Hawk: Starly come on out! Use Aerial Ace!

Starly twirled aorund the wind then apeared behind Piplup and smashed into it. Piplup got up but it took alot of damage.

Chris: Alirght lets try out your new move, Whirlpool!

Hawk: !

Piplup shot a spinning vortex of water at Starly. Starly was trapped in the vortex and eventually fainted.

Hawk: Ok then I'll use Kingler! Now use Crabhammer!

Kingler hammered its large claw into Piplups head. Piplup was knocked out instantly.

Chris: Damn thats strong. Alright lets go Kricketot! Use Insect Opposition!

This attack did little damage to Kingler.

Hawk: Now use Crush Claw!

Kingler grabbed the tiny Kricketot with its large claw and crushed it. Kricketot fianted.

Chris: Already my last Pokemon, go Corphish! Use Bubblebeam

Corphish shot rapid moving bubbles at at Kingler and they popped on him with large impact.

Kingler: King.... (ow come on...)

Hawk: Use Water Gun!

Kingler shot water out that blasted into Corpish, who got up right after but struggled a little.

Chris: Come on you can do this! Use Dig!

Corphish dug underground.

Hawk: Oh no!

Chris: Now come up from under and use Crabhammer!

Corphish did exactly what his trainer said and sent Kingler flying into the air. Kingler landed and shook the pain off.

Hawk: Alright! Now use Water Gun again!

Chris: Dodge it!

Corphish jumped out of the way and the Water Gun missed.

Chris: Now use Crabhammer!

Hawk: You use Crabhammer too Kingler!

Both Pokemon collided there Crabhammer powered claws and were trying to push the other down.

Chris: Come on Corphish!

Hawk: Fight it Kingler!

There collision made an explosion sending both Pokemon falling to the ground. Both Corphish and Kingler had fainted.

Hawk: I still win because I never used Chimchar.


Hawk: ....

Chris: Oh sorry......

They both returned there Pokemon and headed over to the Pokemon Center. They slept there overnight.

Chapter End

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