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Guide to Natures and Other Things.

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Guide to Natures and Other Things.

Post by Frashu on Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:40 pm

All right since some people (such as myself) are confused on how the everstone breeding I will post a guide which explains the guide on how to get Natures for your pokemon more easily.


Explanations of Natures:

Each of your pokemon have natures. The nature of your pokemon can affect its stats in various ways. They raise one stat by 10% and lower another by 10%, or they can be neutral and not do anything. Here’s a list of ALL the natures and what they do to YOUR pokemon’s stats.

-Lonely: +Attack, -Defense
-Brave: +Attack, -Speed
-Adamant: +Attack, -Special Attack
-Naughty: +Attack, -Special Defense

-Bold: +Defense, -Attack
-Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed
-Impish: +Defense, -Special Attack
-Lax: +Defense, -Special Defense

-Timid: +Speed, -Attack
-Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
-Jolly: +Speed, -Special Attack
-Naive: +Speed, -Special Defense

-Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
-Mild: +Special Attack, -Defense
-Quiet: +Special Attack, -Speed
-Rash: +Special Attack, -Special Defense

-Calm: +Special Defense, -Attack
-Gentle: +Special Defense, -Defense
-Sassy: +Special Defense, -Speed
-Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack

-Hardy: Don't do anything

Stats that don't do anything are not recommended unless your making some crazy mix set with evs in all stats which again is NOT recommended.


Breeding for nature:

When you breed or catch pokemon, which nature they have is normally random, but there is a trick to get a specific pokemon’s nature.

If you give a FEMALE pokemon an everstone to hold, and breed it with a compatible partner, the offspring will have a 50% chance of having the mother’s nature. Where you get an Everstone? Look it up. They're pretty easy to get.

So if you are breeding for a male with the right nature, you should either continue catching or breeding pokemon until you get a female with the nature you want, give it an everstone, and breed it with a suitable partner...either that or you can continue catching or breeding pokemon until you get a male with the nature you want. (It can be a long process)


Breeding non-gender pokemon for nature:

Normally when you breed for natures, you would give the female an everstone, but GENDERLESS pokemon make it a little different. A genderless pokemon can only breed with dittos, and dittos can only breed with other pokemon. In situations where a ditto is involved in the breeding, then ONLY the ditto can hold the everstone and pass down its nature. Even if the ditto breeds with a female, having the female hold the everstone will not help it pass down its nature in this situation. So only the ditto is able to pass down its nature via the everstone.

Getting natures for pokemon in the wild:

When looking for a pokemon STRAIGHT out of the wild you can do this trick to grab the RIGHT nature for that pokemon. For example, I have a timid Espeon with Synchronize and I'm taking a nice stroll down Route 6. All of a sudden... OMG A THUNDURUS. I throw a master ball and I catch it and in my party it has the Timid nature. Neat. This is because there's a 50% chance that the pokemon you encounter will have the same nature as the pokemon first in your party IF it has Synchronize. It HAS to have Synchronize or else it WON'T get the nature ( Or...it will just be a long time before you get one of the nature). This works for ALL pokemon you find in the wild. You can easily do this trick and then breed for hope of better IVs ( Look that up if you don't know about it).

YUP. There's a guide. Very Happy

Credits to the guy who made this guide and I just rewrote it.


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Re: Guide to Natures and Other Things.

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:09 am

Wow thanks! Very helpful I always get lost on my natures. (': Get confused. I'm def. going to bookmark this page.


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Re: Guide to Natures and Other Things.

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:36 pm

I never knew how to breed and get a specific nature , so this helped me alot. Lol Razz I feel like a noob Very Happy


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Re: Guide to Natures and Other Things.

Post by Sponsored content

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