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Post by Frashu on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:36 pm

Nightmare is undergoing a huge Pokemon League revamp, and in this post contains the details for the revamp.


You cannot be in more than one League position at a time.

Gym Leaders

1. All Gym Leader positions will be reset prior to this revamp.

2. Challengers may be from the E4, Gym Leaders, or normal Challengers.

3. There are 9 Gyms in the Nightmare Pokemon League.

4. You must attain 8 Badges to be permitted to advance to the Elite Four.

5. You attain a badge by beating a Gym Leader by his/her rules.

6. Gym Leader tryouts will be open prior to this Post.

7. A Gym Leader may be removed from his/her post at the decision of an Administrator.

8. You must be tested by a Gym Leader Tester to be verified and qualified for a Gym.

Elite Four

1. The default Elite Four will include Lynjabear, Flash, Evan, and Qualna.

2. The Elite Four matches will be Standard OU Matches (unless E4 agrees to another exception)

3. The Elite Four have the right to deny or accept a challenge request.

4. They may be challenged in any particular order.

5. Losing to one Elite Four member will result in the challenger having to beat all 4 Elite Four again, from scratch.

6. The Elite Four may challenge the Elite Four, with buckthefuffalo as a back-up E4 Member. (They must attain the badges to do so)

7. An Elite Four member leaving his/her position is to be replaced by someone who has acquired 8 badges and agrees to being an Elite Four member.



1. The default Champion is Aizen.

2. There is only one Champion, and it is the highest of the League.

3. The Champion battle is played under Standard OU. (unless other agreements are agreed to)

4. The Champion can only be fought if a challenger has collected all 8 badges, and beaten the Elite 4 in succession.

5. If the Champion loses, the challenger is crowned the newest Champion.

6. The Challenger that loses to the Champion must defeat the Elite Four once again.



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