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Mystery of Sharlets village

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Mystery of Sharlets village

Post by Justin-Time on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:31 am

Ok, so, I want to try another game here. Like my other one, little of this idea originated in my head. Also, please note that this is similar to the nightmare doubt games, but with a number of twists. If you prefer it simple, you're probably better off going with nightmare doubt. However, I would like you to at least give this game a try. Also note I have a few more ideas than the ones I'm using now. I just don't want to pour exactly everything in at once.


There was once a small town named Sharlets village. This town was normally a peaceful town. However, in one period of time, murders started, the villagers grew scared. Eventually, they decided the only way to stop the murders was to lynch the suspects until the murders ended. (I'm not good at stories, sue me. Razz)


Note that your class will be randomly chosen at the start of the game. Please don't turn against your team.

GOOD GUYS:The goal for the good guys is to make the town safe again. However, it's hard to know who to trust at this time. (When all the bad guys are dead, you win.)

Guardian Angle (GA): The job of the GA is to protect the villagers and help them bring the villains to justice. They look like any other person. Once per a night period (see time periods), you may select one player to protect. If a killer attempts to the player you are protecting, the murder fails, if more than one killer tries to murder that player, the murder is a success, unless there are other things protecting that player.

Villagers: Villagers are mostly defenseless. Their only hope at restoring their town to peace is to lynch the murders. They have no special powers.

BAD GUYS: A group of people have decided to team up and try to destroy the town of Sharlets village a bit at a time. (You win when the number of good guys is equal to or less than the number of bad guys.)

Killers: Bloodthirsty people that have an unknown motive to destroy Sharlets village. These killers want nothing other than to see this town burn and the villagers die. Once per a night period (see time periods) you may choose one good guy to murder. (See murder) Killers know who the minions and other killers are.

Minions: People that also have a motive to destroy the town. However, the dirty work of killing isn't something they're willing to do for one reason or another. However, they will at least try to drive suspicion away from each other and the killers. Minions know who the killers and other minions are.

NOTE: I am giving each killer a code name. This code name is not a clue as to who the killers are. The most it will do towards relieving their identify is allow you to separate killer a from killer b.

Time periods

There are 2 time periods, day and night. Different things can happen during these time periods. The two time periods last certain amounts of time depending on the game. For this game, the day period will last 48 hours and the night period will last 24 hours.


Once during a night period, each killer that's still alive chooses one good guy to kill. They must then create a story of this person's death. The usual length for this story is one paragraph. However, no specific length is required. In this story you must create one clue that may give people reason to believe you are the murderer if noticed. This clue can be placed any way and anywhere you want. It can be an item left behind at the scene, it can be a key detail in how the death takes place, or it can even be information that seems to have no importance. It can connect to your name or have something to do with information about you most people here know. (Custom rule: The clue can't relate to you being a Pokemon fan, as that's true for basically everyone. If it connects to a certain type of Pokemon you favor or such, this is acceptable.) You may also leave up to 2 fake clues that point to someone else. As for censoring, I know you will probably have to go beyond PG-13. Just try not to go into completely unnecessary lengths. For the exact method of death, I really don't care. You can have a common murder in which the murderer stabs the victim in the back in a dark alley, you can have a jedi run up and cut their head off with a light saber, or the poor guy can just slip on ice and crack their head open. So long as it's written in English and makes enough sense for us to know what you're talking about, I won't say no. An additional rule is that no players other than the murder victim can be mentioned. Also, though I ask that you try to prevent this, there is a 99% chance you will leave a clue that wasn't intended at all. This is fine and nothing needs to be done about it.

Note: If I were a murderer, one clue I could give relating to myself is a mention of time because my user name matches that. I can also go on the fact that I like putting the dramatic tune in everything. If I wanted to frame Awake, I could also work off his name, or go off the fact that he likes fighting type Pokemon by having a boxing glove as the murder weapon, or maybe the victim just came out of Karate lessons.

Combo kill: If 2 killers decide to target the same person, they may combine the stories into one story that has a clue for each of them and up to 4 fake clues. They don't have to though.

PM all your murders to the GM.

Murders will be announced at the end of the night period. If you haven't submitted a story by then, you fail to murder anyone. If someone survives your murder attempt, I will post the story, and then state this in the post.

The game will start with each killer murdering a different NPC. Name that NPC whatever you want.


During the day period, every player that's still alive can vote for one person to lynch. The person with the most votes at the end of the day period will be lynched. If there's a tie for the most votes, a randomly selected player with the most votes will be lynched.

Lynch stories: It's not required, but if you want, you can make a story of how you are lynched when it happens. This is a little more restricted than the rules for murder stories. It must be a legit lynching, meaning the other villages set up some death device and made you go in it. You are not allowed to refer to any other players, alive or dead. Finally, you can not state any information about who you think are the killers and so on.

Other deaths/ more info about death

Though they are rare, there are other ways to die. These ways fall under the others category. These we will have to play by ear.

Whenever a player dies for any reason, I will state that player's class and how many of what classes remain. Once you are dead, you are not allowed to explain any information, suspicions and so on that you have relating to the game until the game ends. There is one exception to this rule which will make itself obvious as you read on.


Before the beginning of the game, at the same time I'm deciding classes, some players will receive a box. If you open the box, you will get an item. If you don't open the box, it will go to another player, if there are no more players for the box to go to, the box will be destroyed. I will not decide who gets what items until all boxes are opened or destroyed.

Many items are used when you wish to use them. When this is the case, PM to the GM that you wish to use the item, and if such information is required, who you want to use it on, you will then get the results through a PM.

You can also give an item to another player by PMing this wish to the GM. The item will be given without announcing who it's from.

The items are as follows.

Once per a day period, you may use this on one person. The history of that person will then be revealed to you. If they have a violent history, they are a minion are killer. Players with a quiet history are villagers. If they have no history, they are the GA. When the player with this item dies, it is changed into a warped telescope and given to another player chosen randomly.

Warped telescope

Appears to be a Telescope. This has a 25% chance of showing the wrong history when used. When the person with this item dies, this is destroyed.


Used automatically. Protects the holder from one murder attempt, then is destroyed. If the holder dies some other way, this item is given to another player chosen randomly.

Bomb vest

Used automatically. If the holder of this item is murdered, the killer that kills them also dies. If more than one killer kills them, one of them is selected at random to die. If this player is lynched, one player that voted for them, selected randomly, will die. The item is then destroyed. If the player dies some way that isn't any player's fault, the vest is destroyed without killing anyone.


Used automatically. If you open the box with the bomb, you have a 50:50 chance of instant death. Rather you survive or die, the bomb is then destroyed.

Warp watch

Used automatically. If you are about to be murdered, another villager that would otherwise survive takes your place. The watch is destroyed when used. If the holder dies for some other reason, the watch is passed to another player at random.

Malfunctioning warp watch

Appears to be a warp watch. Only has 25% chance of saving you if you are about to be murdered. The holder also has a 10% chance of dieing in place of another villager every night. This item is destroyed when the holder dies and/or the watch is used.

Broken Camera

Used automatically. If the holder is murdered, a cryptic clue to who the killer is of the GM's choosing is left behind. (I'll try not to make it too obvious.) This item is destroyed when the holder dies.

Old hound

Once every night period, you may have your hound inspect up to 5 players. The players will be notified that they are being inspected, but not who is having the dog inspect them. There are 3 possible results.

If the dog is still alive, one of the inspected players is the GA, while the others are villagers.

If the dog dies in its sleep, either all inspected players are villagers, or one was the GA and at least one other is a minion or killer.

If the dog is murdered, no inspected players are the GA and at least one of them are a minion or killer.

The hound cannot be used again if it dies. If the player with the hound dies, it is passed to another player.

Wiji board

Cannot be used until at least 3 players are dead. Use this item on one dead player during the day period. They send a message to the GM which will then be sent to you. This message can have any information the player wishes to give, regarding the game or not. (No, I won't change the message. The reason it has to go through me first will be explained in a moment.)The selected player will know the message is to you. This item is destroyed after use. If the holder dies, this item is passed to another player.

Corrupt wiji board

Appears to be a Wiji board. The player that will be contacted is selected randomly, but you will be told that it is from the player you wanted to contact. The selected player will even know who you mean to contact. Destroyed upon use. Given to another player if the holder dies.

Ballot stuffer

Use during the day period. your vote for the lynch in progress counts as 2 votes. If you wish to use it, but change your mind later, so long as it's the same day period that you wanted to use it, you can take it back simply by requesting it through PM. This item is destroyed after the lynch it's used for. If the holder dies, it's passed to another player.

Player layout and start date

I hope to get 20 players. If I am successful before midnight of Sun/Mon, I will try to have the game start at that time. If I am not successful by then, I will wait until midnight of Tues/Wed. If I can't get at least 15 players, I will probably cancel the game. Sad If I get 20 players, there will be 2 killers, 3 minions, 1 GA, and 14 villagers.

Please post if you wish to join or have any questions, concerns, ect.

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Re: Mystery of Sharlets village

Post by L on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:52 pm

I will join. i see wat u did that wit da wiji board =3

funny thing is i dont think anyone else will understand that XD


I miss Awakening....  He made this for me.  ^  Sad

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