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The Christmas Games!

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The Christmas Games!

Post by Aaron on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:08 pm

Ding Dong Ding~
Ring the Christmas Bells~

Welcome to the Christmas Games page, everyone. Christmas is all about the love and fellowship we all share. I envision a Christmas Tree, a few colorfully wrapped presents, stuffed stockings hanging over the fireplace, and a table mounted with the best Christmas food you can think of. The room is warm, the television is on one of those old Christmas cartoons where Burl Ives sings, and the whole house smells like apple-cinnamon. Here at Nightmare, we don't recommend wrapping, sniffing, or stuffing your monitor. But we are throwing a huge party- the Christmas Games! This is where all different sects of Nightmare compete - The Battlers battle, the Sprites sprite, the Artists art, and the Posters post. We'll have individual competitions, and then proceed on with the team competitions. You can post here as to which team you'd like to be considered for. We do take your opinions into account, but we do like to switch it up. We will also be hosting a "potluck" (more like a raffle). You enter 100 DTs into the "pot", and you are assigned a Pokemon. We'll take every Pokemon assigned and put them into a random selector. The winner gets the pot. The more "tickets" you buy, the better your chance of winning. So bring on the fruitcake! (signals to Aizen). The games start December first. Here is a rundown of the games.

Team Spriting: 2 teams of Spriters will be chosen to make the best Christmas sprite possible. Each will enter the Christmas Pageant, and the winner will be awarded a Present.

Individual Spriting: The members of the winning team will each make a sprite and enter it into the contest. The winner will be awarded a Large Present.

Team Drawing: 2 teams of Artists will be chosen to make the best Winter Pokemon art. The winning team will receive a special commemorative banner and a Present.

Individual Drawing: The same layout as the Spriting contest. The winner will receive an exclusive commemorative banner and a Large Present.

Team Battling: 2 teams of Battlers will be chosen to duke it out in a winner-take-all tournament. The 2 teams must work together to construct the best team of Ice Pokemon possible and choose 2 battlers from each side to play each other with said team. Both battlers will use the same team. The team with the most wins will receive a Present.

Individual Battling: A bracket will be made with the 2 chosen teams. The winner receives an exclusive Christmas Games badge and a Large Present.

Team Posting: 2 teams will be selected to post as many times as they can on every topic in Nightmare. Teams may not double post on any one topic, and posts must be relevant. I am very thorough and have a lot of time on my hands; if I discover a double post on ANY topic, the team will be disqualified. The winning team will be awarded 500 DTs, a Present, and each member will get to keep the DTs they earned. The losing team will lose the DTs that they earned.

Individual Posting: Probably the most competitive of the games. The top poster once the games begin will receive 1000 DTs, a Large Present, and will have their current DTs (before the 1000) doubled. They will also be given a "Top Poster" exclusive banner and a special "Postman" Delibird to celebrate their victory.

Character of Christmas Award: This award will be personally given by me to the most deserving member of Nightmare on Christmas Eve Night. I will be watching for character, and whoever wins this award will receive an Ultimate Prize Package. A Team of their choosing, a Signature of their choosing, 1500 DTs, a "Very Important Person" Banner, an Avatar of their choosing, and an Extra Large Present.


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